The Flies Will Eventually Die

Angus the Steer

There are currently 10.4 flies in my house. Yes. 10.4. One is dead on the floor and missing some body parts cuz it’s been stepped over a few times. #sorrynotsorry But today I woke up and there was snow on the mountain tops. And the floor was cold on my feet. And I needed a jacket. And the flies were still there, but now their time is coming to a…

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The Car Mouse

Ok. If you have been reading along or follow me on Instagram, you know that IΒ hate mice. Like not just hate but get legitimate anxiety over them. I think…

Choosing gratitude!

Choosing Gratitude

I have been a giant whiner lately because I am a giant baby when it comes to the heat. I hhhhhaaaaattttteee being hot. I am a grumpy human when…