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I’m Alli, the creator of this website and documenter of all kitchen creations and projects on our property. My husband Andy is my right hand man – he is as handy as they come and a serious professional at translating my sometimes crazy ideas into reality in the most practical and simple way possible. He is also willing to try just about anything I make, which takes a lot of courage from a picky eater! He’s the best. Abram is our boy, and he is the light of our lives. We sure love being parents. One of my favorite things about our lifestyle and my love of cooking is the unity it creates in our home. Everything is better with a warm meal, even if it’s been a stressful day. Mealtime at our house is family time, and to me there isn’t any better time of the day!

Living in the country and cooking have really always been a part of me. I learned to bake from my dad’s mother, and how to cook from my mom and her mother. There was always good food, and I learned the value of a kitchen early on in my life. I’ve also wanted to live on my own little piece of property basically since forever, I’ve been daydreaming about it since childhood! I started riding horses when I was 8 and eventually got to the point where I was getting paid to exercise ride, teach lessons, and clean everything from tack to stalls. {I also may have had a running deal with my dad that homemade cookies would be waiting when he got home from work if he would check me out from school early so I could go ride…} I loved it! My family lived in the suburbs so I always had to board my horse at a facility far from my house. They were always beautiful facilities, but I longed for the day when I could have a place of my own.

After lots of college {and crappy cafeteria food} and a few major life events like marriage and giving birth, we now live on the cutest little run-down 5 acres you ever did see! We are all about homegrown and homemade, I make everything I can think to make. We love homemade meals, homegrown food, homemade decor and believe that life is what you make it – happiness is also homemade.

{If your curious, check out this post to find out why our farm is named Longbourn.}

Alli and Abram looking at chicks

I often get asked how I know so much about the livestock, land, and other farm topics I post about. Here are my qualifications in that area if you’re curious! I studied animal, dairy, and veterinary science for my bachelors degree and animal nutrition for my master’s degree so I am knowledgeable and passionate about all things animal {feed, care, etc}. You can get a more in depth look at what I’ve done academically here. I learned quite a bit about pasture and land management throughout my education as well.  I didn’t just decide to do this one day and google everything I post on here – my education paired with my experience really means I am a qualified expert.

A friendly reminder…

There is really just one rule here, and it’s one that I’m adamant about: having a choice about the food you buy and eat is a luxury and a huge blessing. Bashing on me or anyone else for a method or food type we use or purchase will absolutely not be tolerated. This means that I typically won’t say one method for purchasing or raising food is “right” and one is “wrong,” there is a place for almost everything in agriculture – personal or large scale. Irrational behavior and inappropriate sources with shoddy research are not welcome here. This is a place for accurate information where we can all feel safe about our individual food choices and how we want to purchase or raise our food. Overall: Choices are a blessing. Rarely does something have to be wrong.


  1. Hi Alli–I was trying to follow your links on this site to twitter & instagram & both keep coming back as link broken/sorry this page not available. So I went into each site & typed in your Longbourn name on each of their sites & you did come up. So just wanted to share with you this, about the message I was receiving. I am signed up on your e-mail, so not sure why I was getting this. I did find & follow individually. Love your posts!
    Sincerely, Linda

  2. Hello Alli- Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I really appreciated what you wrote in the ‘Friendly Reminder’ section. I think those are great parameters to set. God bless you & your family.

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