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My Favorite Affordable Farm Planner

The Farmer’s Friend Planner makes it easy to organize farm records, garden plots, and everyday life! I love the price, customizable format, and detailed information in this super affordable farm planner.

Assembled Farmer's Friend farm planner with sheets out next to it with eggs, gloves, and produce surrounding the farm planner.
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I could not be more excited about The Farmer’s Friend farm planner! I have been looking forward to sharing this with all of you and can’t wait to show you how amazing it is. The first thing I love about this planner is how functional it is. There are so many useful pages. I will be using this to plot out my garden, keep track of vaccinations, and just keep track of everyday life. Function + style is my love language.

Close-up of some pages from the Farmer's Fram Planner.

I love how well this planner is designed. It is cute and stylish in a way that adds to the functionality of the planner. Some planners are so cute, but that seems to come with a hefty price tag. I cannot believe how affordable this planner is! Go snatch one up before Rachel comes to her senses and raises the price.

Household organization sheets from the Farmer's Friend Farm Planner.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having to print and assemble the planner myself, I have another farm planner that came preassembled so I feel like my comparison is pretty accurate. After printing and assembling the pages, I decided I actually love it. I’m not wasting space on pages I won’t use. I only have pages I need and {my favorite part!} I can print more of certain pages if I need them! Additionally, this planer can be used year after year because you can just print a new one! So worth the money.

Assembly materials: printed Farmer's Friend Farm Planner, small binder, and plastic sheet protectors.

I really liked having control over the size of my planner and being able to customize the pages to my needs. The other farm planner I have was very expensive, almost 10x the cost of this bad boy. I can say that after using both of them, I would opt for the Farmer’s Friend Planner in the future.

Animal records and animal tips sheets included in the Farmer's Friend farm planner.

On that same note, I loved how this planner actually helped me keep track of farm information. I have spreadsheets where I enter it all, but I only get around to doing that about once a quarter. This farm planner has been SO NICE for jotting down vaccination dates or vet visits really quickly. I always have my planner on my desk and it’s so easy to just scribble a note in there on the right sheet as soon as I come in from the barn. I also have found myself shoving receipts in the plastic sheet covers, I highly recommend purchasing some pocketed tab dividers so you have a real place to put receipts. Another surprise feature about self-assembly that I love!

Grocery and food lists from the Farmer's Friend Farm Planner.

Overall, I really couldn’t recommend this farm planner more. I am pretty picky about my planners and I have even owned other farm planners. Rachel’s Farmer’s Friend Planner is by far the most thought out, the most helpful, and the most affordable. Plus it looks great! It’s hard to beat. You can check it out and purchase it here!

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The Farmer's Friend Planner makes it easy to organize farm records, garden plots, and everyday life! I love the price, customizable format, and detailed information in this farm planner. #farmer #planner #organization #farmplanner #farmersplanner #plannerforfarmers #homesteadcalendar #calendar #farmcalendar #farmerscalendar

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