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Food Confessional: The Drive-Thru Might Know My Name

My love for cooking and baking should be obvious if you’ve read even one post on my blog. But I always like to keep it real, so today’s post is going to be bit of a confessional. We have eaten out a lot this month! Normally we do a date night once a week {although, is it really a date if Abram always comes? I’m bad at finding babysitters}, but this month has been so much more than that and I think I’ll just avoid looking back on it instead of owning it. Ha! But I promise there have been good reasons…

At the beginning of September, my doctor reprimanded me a bit and told me I needed to take it easy so this baby could cook a little longer. Taking it easy isn’t really something that comes naturally to me. Or anyone with a toddler and a small farm. Also, I would like a prescription for things like napping and sitting down. Maybe they would actually happen that way!

September also turned out to be a busy month for Andy. The combined outcome of those situations resulted in more trips to the drive-thru than I normally take in a year. YUCK. In my weak defense, I always bring a fruit or vegetable for Abram to eat with whatever he gets. He’s still too young to remember how often we have been to McDonalds, right?

It is actually relaxing for me to cook, but by the end of the day the number of contractions I had often dictated what was for dinner. I mean, I have actually cooked this month, I blogged some recipes! But I think I’ve got a good solution, prepping food earlier in the day seems to work out best for everyone! Hooray. I never want to eat out again. Everything sounds disgusting. Actually, I also just don’t feel much like eating at all these days. And now that I’m almost to the 37 week mark, this baby can just head on out at her leisure and solve this problem for all of us.

Anytime, Sis. Seriously. Today would be great.

My ribs are tired of tiny toes using them as a jungle gym. My bladder would also appreciate a break from being used as a bounce house.

The only thing I don’t regret about this month is our pizza purchases. I never regret pizza. I am a little bit of a pizza fanatic. I saw a shirt on Pinterest that said, “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.” #ibelieve #truth

I need it.

But I’d be ok never going through the drive-thru again. #likeever

Love, Alli
AKA The Drive-Thur Queen of September

PS: Bless this baby to come out of me soon. #amen


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