Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of flour do you use? I primarily use All-Purpose {AP} flour in my recipes, I will specify if it is different and usually specify when it is all-purpose {still updating some old recipes where I didn’t}.

The nutrition facts for this recipe are alarming me, what is a serving? A “serving” is whatever is listed as a “serving” on the recipe card. Sometimes that is the recipe divided between 4-6 people, sometimes it is a whole cheesecake. Reference the recipe card for your specific answer. Please remember, the posted nutrition facts are only an estimate. If the recipe has a glaze or something like that, the estimate will be off.

I made a baking recipe from your blog and it didn’t turn out, why? I live in a dry, arid climate at a high altitude. If you live at a lower altitude and it is humid, you will need to adjust the flour in the recipe. You can reference this handy How to Bake post for more information!

Where did you learn how to cook? I learned to cook and bake from my mother and grandmothers. I have a long legacy of home-cooked meals and family gathering around the table for meals and I love it!

Do you make money from your blog and social media accounts? Yep! I do. In addition to some freelance writing and consulting, this is how I provide for my family. If you are interested in blogging yourself, check out my Beginner’s Guide to Blogging page.

Why aren’t you an organic farm? First, organic and other similar words are just labels. They are not an indication of food safety or health or animal well-being. I am not an organic farm because I do what is best for my land and animals, regardless of a label. I use any farming and animal husbandry practices that fit our needs and my animals needs. I am not against organic farming, but I am against fear-based marketing, false “facts,” and misinformation. You can read more about how I feel about food choice in the grocery store here {bottom of the page}.

Do you raise some of your animals for meat? Yes, we do. You can read more about how we feel about raising our animals for meat in this post. 

Did you grow up on a farm? No, I didn’t. I started riding horses when I was 7 and continued competitively until I graduated high school and went to a Land Grant University on a pre-vet track. I switched gears a few times but ended up with a BS in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science with a couple of minors thrown in and an MS in Animal Nutrition with a focus on Ruminants. As I went through my education I realized my passion was taking the large-scale animal husbandry and farming techniques I was learning and applying them to small or hobby farm situation and that there was a gap in the industry for a professional in that area. Because that really doesn’t exist at any company, I decided to create my own job via this blog.

How old are you? First of all, this isn’t an appropriate question just because you think someone looks “too young” to have multiple kids, be done with college, etc. Second of all, I’m over 25 and that’s all you need to know. Love you guys! 🙂

I am always happy to answer questions! Keep them coming.

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