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Choosing Gratitude

I have been a giant whiner lately because I am a giant baby when it comes to the heat. I hhhhhaaaaattttteee being hot. I am a grumpy human when it’s hot. Which is basically everyday now because it’s the middle of summer and we don’t have air conditioning. I felt pretty justified in whining about being hot…until I realized how many people I actually know and associate with that don’t have air conditioning either. 


Like, how?

Choosing gratitude!

That is when I just realized I truly am just a giant whiny baby and should move to Alaska. Which I threaten to do every summer. Not Alaska, but somewhere colder. I send Andy property listings and he sends me back ridiculous emojis in response.

It’s a good cycle.

And a good thing he is a sensible human who can 1} deal with the heat like a normal person and 2} ignore and even laugh at my craziness.

Choosing gratitude!

But this week I decided I need to get over it and be grateful instead of whiny. So here is a list of what I’m grateful for!

  1. The Rain!!! It’s rained a few times this week – we need it!
  2. No-bake desserts. I think this is pretty self-explanatory…
  3. Cute babies who make the heat bearable.
  4. Healthy animals! Everyone has handled this hot summer well so far, hopefully, things continue that way.
  5. Camping! We camp and backpack frequently in the summer and it always is so grounding and good for our family. You can check out more about our adventures on my husband’s blog, Double-A-Adventures.

Choosing gratitude!

Abram has been saying the most hilarious things. Yesterday he told me that he did a “giant bastard poop” in his diaper. With further questioning, I realized he was trying to say “giant nasty turd poop” but somehow bastard came out. HA! I’ve been dying over that one for a few days.

Choosing gratitude!

My awesome neighbors have also been letting me come pick raspberries {or just bringing me bowls of them!} and I have been going crazzzzzzy! I love it! I’ve been making freezer jam like crazy, stay tuned for a post on freezer jam tips – it’s so easy! And minimal mess – my favorite.

Mini Raspberry Cheesecake!

I also made some incredible No-Bake Mini Raspberry Cheesecake for a guest post on I Just Make Sandwiches and they were SOOOOOOOOO good. You can get the recipe there, it’s highly encouraged.

Here’s to a more gratitude filled week!

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