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Workin’ to the Bone

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you may notice that we work a lot – it may seem like we work non-stop, which would be a pretty accurate description. Ha! But I wanted to make sure that you understand two really important things. 

I want you to understand that just because I work a lot, doesn’t mean I do it all. Nobody does it all! I never ever want you to come here and think that I work all day outside, run a successful blog business {which, don’t kid yourself, is just a hot mess most of the time}, have a homemade meal on the table every night, etc.

That is #insanity! Some days I work on blog stuff. Some days we do outside projects. Most days I do a little of both. On busy days, I throw a freezer meal in the oven. Or, we go out to eat! I don’t clean my house as often or as thoroughly as I should. I’m good at being organized but bad at dusting. I’m a superstar at washing the laundry but come in dead last in the race to actually fold it and put it away. #canigetanamen

A hand holding two eggs.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and I always want YOU to know that I am here to support YOU. Not someone who is perfect and has it all together. I never want you to come here and feel bad about where you’re at or how you parent or what you do to relax. I garden and work hard outside because it fills me! I love it. Find something YOU love and do it daily. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. #fillthatcupup

Now, with that being said, I also want to make something else very clear.

We work darn hard for the life we live and have.

If you want to make a change in your life, WORK for it starting NOW.

Sunrise over a cloudy sky in Northern Utah.

Maybe you can’t work from home yet, but you want to. Do you know what you can do? You can show up on time to your office job. Maybe you can’t work at a job your super passionate about right now. Do you know what you can do? You can give 100% every day and go the extra mile at the job you do have. Work hard where you’re at now and do little things daily to work towards where you want to be. #fairygodmothersdontexist

Andy and I are not afraid to work to the bone. We both have an incredible work ethic {#thankyouparents} and while we haven’t met some of the goals we have set, we have met a fair share of them and we have a good life that we love, and one we have worked hard for.

You cannot get something from nothing, and good things will always take effort. 

So don’t be afraid to work hard for what you want. Stay late. Get up early. Be willing to take the crap job because it shows you aren’t afraid to dig in and get dirty. Shake off the naysayers and people who would deter you from your dream. Feel good about yourself. Learn how to communicate effectively and be diplomatic. #lifeskillz

American flag hanging on the front of a wood porch.

Working hard and being willing to take opportunities that were available has never failed me. Every opportunity that “wasn’t quite right” lead me here, to where I’m at now. And right now I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do – work on my farm, from my home, on my own terms. There will be other opportunities that aren’t quite right, and I will take them. Because I know {with God’s help} they will lead somewhere amazing. #godisgood

At the end of the day, when I look down my driveway I don’t just see a tiny farm. I see our home. Our life. Our dreams. Our work. Our future. I don’t do it all, I just do what matters. And a lot of the stuff we all stress about just doesn’t really matter. #letitgo

So, the ultimate question is, what matters to you?

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    Rebecca B.
    May 14, 2018 at 8:16 AM

    This was an inspiring read Alli – thank you for sharing it. My husband is in grad school while I work full time to support us, all the while dreaming of starting my own blog business. I just always find reasons to put it off – too busy, too tired, not enough in the budget to put towards the blog. May I ask how you maneuvered through these challenges when you first started this blog? Thanks!

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