Nutrition Tips for Senior Horses

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One of the awesome things I get to do as an offshoot of my blog is write articles for other online {and sometimes print!} magazines. I recently wrote a short piece for Horse Channel on Nutrition Tips for Senior Horses.ย 

In the article, I give you practical tips to make sure your senior buddy is going into winter nutritionally prepared and then what you can do to make sure he stays healthy and happy throughout the rest of his life.ย Taking care of senior horses can sometimes be extra work and money, but I think they are always worth it.

Having trouble keeping your senior horse in good condition? Get nutrition tips for senior horses in this article! Keep your aging horse healthy and happy!

Here is a few tips from the article, be sure to check out the full piece over at Horse Channel!

  1. Horses become less efficient at utilizing feed as they get older. This means you’ll need to make changes to their diet.
  2. If you decide your senior horse needs a feed supplement or mash, it is important to feed one specifically formulated for senior horses.
  3. I often recommend getting senior horses just slightly over their ideal weight before winter.
  4. As always, be sure to make any feed changes gradually.

Click here to read the full article: Nutrition Tips for Senior Horses.

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