Caring for Animals During Winter

During winter, I get asked frequently about when animals need to be brought inside and what kind of care they need to handle the cold weather. Obviously the answer to those questions depends on the animal, but there are a few rules of thumb you can follow to ensure your animals are comfy even on the coldest days. And as I type those to semi-professional sounding sentences, all I can think of is how I left my dogs outside one morning, in the cold, for longer than usual and the chaos that followed that choice. They both started barking and howling and I was currently dealing with two screaming children and feeling overwhelmed so I did what any saint of a mother would do: I screamed too. 

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Feeding Horses in Winter

When winter comes, it’s important to adjust your horses diet to account for the change in weather. How do you know if you need to change your horses diet? There are a few reasons feeding horses in winter can merit diet changes. 

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Finding the Perfect Kids Horse

For today’s Farm Tip Friday, I’m talking horses. A lot of the time, people who have property also want horses. They have visions of their children riding a perfect horse out in the pasture but in reality, a lot of the time people end up with a crazy and possibly dangerous animal that no one wants to ride. So, how do you avoid this predicament and find the perfect kids horse? 

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Your Kids are Going to Get Worms.

Today’s topic is brought to you by the letter W and the number 1 million-trillion-bazillion {more on this number choice later}. And today’s topic is…..WORMS! Yum. If you haven’t eaten yet today, go do that and then come back and read this. I’ve spoken with a fair number of people lately who are having all sorts of varied issues with all sorts of varied species – chickens, horses, dogs, goats, etc. – and I have all given them the EXACT same advice for their issue. What? Really? All different species and all different issues? Yes. And all the same advice. Here it is:

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