The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Chickens

White Leghorn hen, side view.

Are you interested in keeping chickens, but worried about not only keeping them alive but making sure they are healthy and thriving?

I have the solution!

Buy my course, The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Chickens so you can know what features your coop needs to keep your chickens safe from predators, what to feed them so they thrive, and so much more.


Here is what you’ll get in my course, The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Chickens

5 amazing, information-packed modules with TWO bonus modules, 3 in-depth videos on coop design, nutrition, and healthcare with two bonus videos on hens vs. roosters and eggs!

Module 1: Raising Chicks

  • Detailed information on purchasing chicks, how to keep them alive and healthy, where to house them, and more.

Module 2: Chicken Nutrition + VIDEO

  • What you feed your hens impacts the eggs they lay and their overall health. This module will help you feed them what they need to survive and thrive.

Module 3: Chicken Coop Design + Ideas + VIDEO

  • Poor coop design is the NUMBER ONE reason people have chickens die. There are vital pieces of information you need to make sure your chickens are safe and secure in their coop.

Module 4: Breeds, Rooster & Winter Care + 2 VIDEOS

  • This section answers all your questions about caring for hens and roosters, how to tell them apart, what your chickens need in the winter, and much more.

Basket full of colorful fresh eggs.

Module 5: Chicken Health Care and Disease + VIDEO

  • Do you know how to treat a foot infection in your chicken? Do you know what do to if your chicken gets lice? Do you know the number one reason chickens get sick? This section has all the information you need to keep your chickens healthy and pest and disease free.

Bonus Module 1: Raising Meat Chickens

Bonus Module 2: Resources + Glossary


Don’t wait to purchase this course, get it NOW so you can be as prepared as possible to have your own flock and keep them healthy. If you already have chickens, you’ll learn even more from this course. It is one-of-a-kind and there isn’t a better and more reliable source for this information!

I am so confident this course will give you all the information you need to feel prepared to have chickens and successfully maintain a productive flock, I offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Keeping chickens is one of the things I love most about our hobby farm. But you don’t need a farm to have chickens! So many people in so many different situations can successfully keep chickens, all the basics are the same.

In the years since I have started keeping chickens, I have noticed a lack of information on the subject. There are bits and pieces here or there, in a blog post or on a forum, but they all lack a sense of legitimacy and consistency. I decided to write this book after reading and answering the same questions over and over each year.  And after reading so much misinformation on chicken keeping!

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