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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in participating in our first-ever CSA! We are excited to give this a try and are glad you want to join us.

What You Get

  • A weekly share of produce and eggs from mid to late May until late September or early October – this is the duration of the shareholder contract (about 18-21 weeks).
  • One Full Share is enough produce for a family of 4-6 people and one dozen eggs weekly. A full share is $450.00 for the entire season {roughly $28/week for the contract duration}.
  • One-Half Share is enough produce for 2-3 people and half of a dozen eggs weekly. A Half Share is $225.00 for the entire season{roughly $14/week for the contract duration}.
  • Obviously, the amount of people a share can serve is only an estimate. Each share harvest will be comprised of whatever is growing and ready to be picked in the garden.
  • A growing list will be sent out to shareholders once seedlings are transplanted into the garden and have a good start in the boxes.

Basket full of colorful fresh eggs.

Here are some FAQ’s to get you started!

What is a CSA? CSA stands for community supported agriculture and it’s a great way for consumers who are interested to buy directly from farmers in their area.

Why don’t you my deliver CSA shares? Traditional CSA’s are run as a delivery system – the farmer grows crops and then delivers shares to the shareowners. At Longbourn Farm, I’m interested in not only giving you produce and eggs but also a chance to come participate harvesting your shares and collecting your eggs. I want you to be able to come to the farm to learn and experience it for yourself!

Is my share guaranteed? Yes. I will not take on more shares than I think I can manage. Since this is our first time growing on this large scale, I may have extra produce which will be sold during open share days or donated to the Cache Food Pantry. If disaster strikes and the crops aren’t producing as planned, I will communicate that fully and honestly with share members and we can work out adjusted shares as the season progresses.

What are you growing? I plan on growing a variety of leafy greens, root vegetables, squash and pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and onions. The exact grow list will be sent out to share members as seeds starts are set and plants begin to grow.

When will I start to get produce? I am planning to plant cold weather crops the middle of March, but of course, this is variable on the weather. You will receive updates on when crops go in and when the estimated first CSA harvest day is!

How long will the CSA go? The CSA will go until the end of the growing season, probably late September or early October. Again, I will keep shareholders updated on the timeline throughout the season.

What day and time to I need to come get my share? What if I can’t make it? I want all shareholders to have a say in share pick-up days so that will be determined once all shares are sold via an email survey. The pick-up days will be an open house format, you can come and stay as long as you like after you pick your shares and collect your eggs. I will have educational stations for kiddos, area’s where they can pet and see the animals, and do a live cooking demo to give you ideas on how to use that week’s share.

Top down view of garden fresh broccoli in a colander.

Is this going to be organic produce? No, this will not be certified organic produce. I use a combination of methods on my farm and sometimes that involves spraying weeds. I haven’t yet had a need to spray my garden, I don’t plan to this year. I use a topical fungicide to manage squash fungus and food-grade diatomaceous earth to manage most garden pests. Every few years I lay down a pre-emergent seed {comoparable to Preen} treatment for Morning Glory that is food-safe and is washed out before the plants are even in the garden bed. I abide by all food safety laws as well as laws associated with spraying weeds and plants intended for consumption, but again I haven’t ever had need to spray my garden in the past. I am happy to answer specific questions about this if you have more.

Why do you need my email address? I will be communicating with share members primarily via email. That is how I will send out updates, any changes to share dates, etc.

How do I secure my share and pay? I will take shares on a first-come-first-serve basis based on payment of the full share price. Payments are non-refundable after April 1, 2018, excepting failure on my part to produce crops as expected. If you do decide you don’t want your share anymore after April 1, 2018, you are more than welcome to sell it to someone else. I will just need proof of sale from you and the buyer so I know everyone is clear on the change in the shareholder.

Ready to sign up and receive more info + a notification when shares go on sale? Enter your email address below and let’s get started! I am only selling 10 shares total so sign up if you want to be first in line to buy.

Interested in participating?

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