How to Increase Blog Traffic from Pinterest

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Are you a beginning blogger interested in increasing blog traffic from Pinterest? I struggled to know how to do this and it took me a long time to figure it out. Once I finally figured out a good Pinterest strategy, growth happened! In about 3 months, I went from 1K pv/month to over 70k pv/month using the strategies I outlineΒ in this book. The best part is I can manage everything I do for Pinterest in about 30 minutes a week. While these aren’t huge numbers, they are enough to get you started earning income and give you some wiggle room to grow your blog in other areas. Starting out can be the hardest part!

What’s in the book?

  • What the Pinterest algorithm values and how you can achieve it.
  • How to easily find the right keywords for your content.
  • Pinning consistency and group board pinning using BoardBooster (you get a spreadsheet I created to keep everything organized when you purchaseΒ the book!)
  • This book is a step-by-step guide with detailed information and screenshots to makes sure you have all the information you need!
  • Click here to download the intro to the book, table of contents, and 4 pages from the book!

I don’t want you to have the same struggle I did, so I created this eBook. I wish it had existed when I was starting out! It is step-by-step guide with screenshots of everything! I think it will help you out. The examples in the book are from my personal accounts, so they are food-blogger focused but the strategy is a general strategy that will apply to almost any niche.