It’s a Merry Christmas


This week started out crazy. After arriving home from being out of town, we found that some mice had decided to visit while we were away. Queue anxiety attack! I hate mice. Ironic, considering where we live. We haven’t had a major problem since we moved in, so I’m not sure what triggered this surprise visit. I’ll spare you all the bleachy details, but suffice it to say my already clean house got bleached top to bottom and everything that was out now lives in plastic totes. I have no idea what the mice were doing. The only place they didn’t go was the kitchen….um, what?


I keep all the food put up and I don’t let anyone eat anywhere besides the kitchen/dining room {because I’m paranoid about mice} so maybe they were just crazy mice. I do have a confession though. I haven’t been letting the cats in as much because one of them is pretty wild and encourages naughty behavior from the other two. But after this, they have been welcomed house guests! After this whole ordeal I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and frustrated in general.

Then yesterday I went to visit a dear friend in the hospital. Her baby needed surgery to fix a couple issues she was born with. They are in a children’s hospital and as soon as I walked in my silly pity party and frustration melted away. The foyer was full of people, many of which were sick children. So many tubes, casts, face masks, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks…I felt like the Grinch who’s heart grew 3 sizes in an instant.


I visited with my friend and snuck in her babies room for a quick look on how she was doing. I brought them some Christmas treats and a note, but really there wasn’t very much I could do. There wasn’t much I could do for anyone in that hospital. Many of those kids have been there for months. Many more will be there over Christmas.

As I left, I was grateful for the perspective I’d gained. I sat in the foyer again and waited for my parents to arrive with my two healthy babies so we could go home {my parents had kindly taken them on an adventure in the Big City while I visited my friend}. We could just walk out of that hospital with no worries. We could admire the ice sculpture outside that read, “JOY” and really feel it without any looming dread about what walking through those hospital doors might bring. We may not have the mouse-proof house I’d like, and I may have wanted to do so much more for my kids than we could this Christmas, but we would all be home for it, together. Healthy and happy.

And that is what matters the most at Christmastime.


This year, my church put together a campaign called #LighttheWorld. It helped me focus daily on little things I could do for those around me. And it did add light to my Christmas Season. I’m thankful that Christmas is on a Sunday this year, I think attending our church service will help me remember the true meaning of Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Don’t forget to share some light, no matter what you believe. The world can be dark and scary, but it can also be so good and full of light. I know that, mostly because of all of you! Thank you all for letting me share part of my life with you, and being lights in my life! I was nervous about blogging at first but I have been amazed over and over at how kind all my readers and social media followers are. We are all from different places and believe different things, but food and/or farm life brings us together and bridges the gaps so we can be friends. Thank you for being my friends.

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas with those you love!


If you’re still looking for some Christmas treats to make, I recommend these 🙂 : Chewy Chocolate Crinkle CookiesSablés – French Butter Cookie RecipeSoft Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe, and Pecan Crescent Cookies.

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