Finding the Perfect Kids Horse

Abe and a Pony

For today’s Farm Tip Friday, I’m talking horses. A lot of the time, people who have property also want horses. They have visions of their children riding a perfect horse out in the pasture but in reality, a lot of the time people end up with a crazy and possibly dangerous animal that no one wants to ride. So, how do you avoid this predicament and find the perfect kids horse? 

I actually wrote an article for Horse Channel on this very topic! Here is what I recommend:

Horse shopping is not for the faint of heart. While it is a very fun process, it can also be a long process with bumps and frustrations along the way. This is especially true when parents are searching out the ideal mount for their young rider.

Finding the perfect kids horse can be a challenge, but here are 6 tips to help you on your search for the right mount for your family!

When horse shopping for your beginner’s first horse, it can be tempting to let excitement about breed, color, or looks get in the way of more important qualities. While there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye out for a particular color or breed, it’s more important to focus on the less exciting qualities. Here are six things parents should look for {and watch out for} when horse-hunting for a young beginning rider:

  1. Buy a very broke horse. The most important quality a young, beginning rider’s first horse needs to have is to be reliable and safe. Seek out a horse or pony they can have fun on without constantly worrying about spookiness or bad behavior. You want to set your young rider up for success; there will be plenty of riding challenges your child faces even with a trustworthy mount.

Read the rest of the article on how to find the perfect kids horse on HorseChannel by clicking here!

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