Night Time is the Sweetest Time

Night time means the day is closing, and I have a chance to reflect. All humans and animals have been fed, bellies are full, eyes are tired, and a quiet calm usually settles on everyone and everything.  Occasionally this is not the case and night time makes me crazy, but those times are few and far between and stories for another time. 

One of my favorite times on the farm is night time. This time of year, night time not only brings with it a chance for rest, but cools everything off so we can all be ready for the heat again tomorrow. Night time on the farm is full of peace and beauty. Life is slow out here, but it slows down even more come evening – it’s one of my favorite times of day.

I love walking into the barn and hearing the sounds of resting animals. Quiet chewing. Long breaths. Gentle snorts. The smell of hay drying in the fields usually wafts in as the heat of the day wears off and a cool breezes starts to blow.

In the chicken coop, all will be quiet. The birds will be roosting and resting. Occasionally cooing softly. Feathers will rustle as they settle down for the night. I’m not great at regularly handling my chickens, so catching them during the day can be a challenge but at night, they are relaxed and easy to pick up. I like to pick up each one, make sure they are healthy and visit with them for a few minutes. Chickens are surprisingly calming for my soul. Who would have thought?

Sunset and dandilions

Night time is one of my favorite times because it leaves me feeling satisfied. All humans and animals have been fed, cared for, checked on, and made safe. Bellies are full, eyes are tired, and everyone has a clean, cozy place to rest. A quiet calm usually settles on everyone and everything.

Occasionally this is not the case and night time makes me crazy, but those times are few and far between and stories for another time.

Night time is also one of my favorite times with Abram. He is so active during the day, and that is so much fun. He is busy and moving almost constantly, barely slowing down enough to look in my eyes for more than two seconds at time. But night time is special because he let’s me hold him and cuddle him and read him stories and sing him songs and look in his steel blue eyes and make sure he knows how much I love him. It’s one of the only times he will sit in my lap and rest his head against me. I know he feels safe and his little mind and body are slowing down and getting ready to sleep.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying I love night time because he is finally going to sleep – I actually miss him while he is sleeping! {Other moms feel that way too right? I’m not just a weirdo?} Of course there are days when bed time for an active toddler is a relief and a welcomed respite for me, but most days it’s simply my favorite because it’s the sweetest.

Sunset across the Bear River

Sometimes the sweet moments are accented in ways only a toddler boy can manage, like sticking his fingers up my nose while I try and sing a lullaby, but most of the time singing to my little boy while he rests and looks into my eyes is the perfect ending to my day. His tiny hand sleepily waving as I close his door is just the send off I need to finish up any remaining tasks for the day, or to simply remind me that I did my best today, and he loves me for it.

He’ll always wave to me after I put him to bed, right?

Night time is the sweetest time. In the barn, in the chicken coop, and in my home.

But especially in my heart.

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