Why Longbourn?

Why Longbourn Farm?

I get asked why our place is named Longbourn Farm all the time.

So here is the answer! Just know, when I told Andy what I wanted to name our place, he gave me the biggest eye roll you ever did see. Ha!

Naming our property Longbourn was not the best decision in terms of getting noticed or SEO or anything like that. But whatevs. Sometimes you just gotta do what you want, ya know?! And besides, there are like a million “Kelley Farms” or something similar. I’ve never been one to go with the crowd…


I love Jane Austen. By far my favorite novel from her is Pride and Prejudice. I was watching the 5 hour BBC version with my cousins at my grandmothers house when we were only 8 years old. Basically it has been lifelong love affair.

My favorite short version is the 2005 film, my sister and I can quote it verbatim. Don’t ever watch it with us, we will drive you nuts! So many things make me think of lines from the movie and book, it is that engrained in my mind.

When we bought our property, Pride and Prejudice immediately came to mind. In P&P, the family of main characters, the Bennetts’, live in a slightly disheveled and eclectic estate named Longbourn. They are surrounded by far grander estates with sprawling gardens, lovely mansions and all is in excellent order and pristine. Our property and the trailer house {yes, we currently call a super classy double wide home}  reminded me of Longbourn. We are surrounded by lovely “estates” while our property is more on the sad and disheveled side.

Although, I’d kill for the real Longbourn Estate on my property or a house like it :).

{Though hopefully a giant boar won’t ever be wandering through my kitchen…however my mother probably wouldn’t put it past me so you shouldn’t either, ha!}

So there you go. That’s why we are Longbourn Farm. Hopefully that satiated some curiosity :).

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