A Cat Named Turtle

Once upon a time, there was a kitten. He was wild like his siblings and they lived on a little farm in the country. This little kitten loved to bite. He bit everyone and everything. And his fur looked like a tortoise shell.

So he was named Turtle.

As turtle grew up, his bit less and his fur looked less like a tortoise shell.

But he was still named Turtle.

He loved friends. All kinds of friends. Dog friends. Horse friends. Chicken friends. Human friends. Everyone was his friend, even if they didn’t want to be. His favorite friend was the biggest dog ever, named Brutus. Brutus hated Turtle, but Turtle didn’t mind. After all, wasn’t biting an expression of love?! Turtle cuddled with Brutus until he finally loved him back.

Turtle and Brutus

And then something really sad happened. Brutus got very sick. And after a couple of days, Brutus got in the car and didn’t come back. So Turtle slept in Brutus’ bed for a while and then decided to make a new best friend.


He picked a tiny human this time. This tiny human was pretty new to the place where Turtle lived. He was pretty clumsy too.

Turtle knocking Abram over

But as the tiny human grew, he got stronger and Turtle loved him more. Even if he was a little rough sometimes.

They did all sorts of fun things together. Especially when they were outside.

Abram petting Turtle's head

They liked to sit and watch the chickens.

Abe and Turtle watching chickens

The tiny human also loved to comb Turtle’s hair. Which Turtle loved. Because Turtle loved the tiny human.

Abram combing Turtle's hair

Mostly the tiny human just wanted to look at Turtle’s paws and touch his whiskers. And that was ok with Turtle. He always purred his loudest when he was around that tiny human.

Turtle loves his tiny human and his tiny human loves him back. Kisses and hugs all day long. Turtle and the tiny human will be best buddies forever.

Abram kissing Turtle

The end.

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