quick meal

Creamy Chicken Over Noodles

Creamy chicken over noodles is a childhood recipe I have remade into a quick totally homemade meal. My mother made a version of this growing up using canned cream of chicken soup, similar to Chicken ala King but without the vegetables. Mine is made from scratch and has a slightly different flavor profile. It’s not going to win any beauty pageants, but it is delicious and ready in 20 minutes flat!

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Skillet Chicken with Lemon Sauce

If I need a quick dinner that is elegant and delicious, this skillet chicken with lemon sauce is my go-to meal! It really only takes 30 minutes to whip up but looks ultra fancy and tastes even better. The sauce is light but flavorful and the perfect compliment to whatever you serve it with. 

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5 Minute Pizza

Lunch is one of the meals I struggle with mixing up. Up until the last year of my life, I’ve always been away at school or work for lunch and so I’d usually have it planned out and made in advance. When I’m home, I’m not an awesome meal planner. I find myself and Abram eating the same things week after week and it gets boring! Andy taught me how to make this 5 Minute Pizza and it’s perfect for a quick but satisfying lunch at home! Also perfect for me, because I love pizza.

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Sausage Pasta with Quick Marinara

Pasta is always my go-to meal after a busy day. I’m really trying to be better at meal planning, but sometimes evening rolls around and I just haven’t really thought about dinner! It’s not just me, right?! Andy isn’t a huge fan of creamy pasta sauce {I know, crazy!} so whenever I make pasta for dinner I try to make his most often requested pasta type, “red sauce with sausage.” I usually change it up a little every time and this Sausage Pasta with Quick Marinara is what I came up with this week! 

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