Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup

I have tried to develop this broccoli cauliflower cheese soup recipe a number of times, and every time it just wasn’t quite right. When this happens, I usually take a break and re-visit the recipe later. Last week I gave it another go, and focused on a simple recipe and it came together so easily! I am in love with this broccoli cauliflower cheese soup recipe!

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How to Harvest and Freeze Broccoli

I love when I can start to harvest from my garden, and broccoli is usually one of the first things I can harvest! It’s always so satisfying to cook a meal with fresh produce you grew. I always like to plant more broccoli than I’ll use, that way I can store some to enjoy over the winter while we eat a little fresh and enjoy the things from the garden that don’t keep so well during the season, like lettuce. 

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