2016 Garden Review: Garden Improvements for Next Year

For today’s Farm Tip Friday, I’m going a review of my garden! At the end of every summer since we’ve moved here, I’ve tried to write a little bit about how my gardening went and what I would do next year. This is in part to save you time and money, but also so I can remember what I did year to year! This is the third summer we have lived here, and therefore the third garden I have attempted to grow. Every year has basically been a big experiment. I grew up helping with my family’s impressive garden about 100 miles south of where I live now, but I’ve been surprised by how different even that short distance makes! I’ve learned a lot as I’ve tried new things, and this year was no different. I’m excited for some of the garden improvements I already have planned for next year!

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Quick Easy Way to Preserve Tomatoes!

Farm Tip Friday this week is another garden tip! You should all know by now that my favorite quick way to preserve what I grow in my garden is by freezing it {zucchini + broccoli}. Tomatoes are no different! Freezing them is a quick easy way to preserve tomatoes that everyone has time for. One day I will learn to can them by myself, but it is not today. For now, freezing my excess works great. 

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The Best Way to Store Zucchini

Today’s Farm Tip Friday is another gardening tip! I’m talking all about the best way to store zucchini. Zucchini is one of those veggies that is easy to grow, very prolific, and can be hard to cook with when you have a lot of it. I have grown to really love using in the kitchen, it’s super versatile and is a great veggie to “sneak” into lots of family favorite dishes. Although I don’t really sneak it in anywhere, Andy is pretty good at figuring out where the hidden veggies are, ha! But it really does blend in well with whatever it’s cooked with, so usually even picky eaters don’t notice or mind it being there. Zucchini is one of my favorite garden veggies to store through the winter, my method couldn’t be simpler.

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Wondering How to Compost?

Today’s Farm Tip Friday is really a farm or garden tip and it is coming to us from the awesome Heather at Heather’s Home and Garden again {she also wrote us a fantastic post on watering your garden}. She is going to walk us through the basics of composting! She will talk through why you should compost, how to compost, and when to Compost. I had some questions about composting so I asked her to write about it for us, it’s really helpful! Check out what she wrote.

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Harvesting Onions & Storing Onions

Today’s Farm Tip Friday is all about harvesting onions and storing onions so you can enjoy them for months to come. Last year, I think I harvested 10 tiny onions. It was such a disappointment! This year I did some research and asked around for advice for my particular area and things went much better. I didn’t count how many onions I harvested this year, but you can see from the picture that it was quite a pile! They aren’t as large as I’d like, but that’s what makes gardening fun – there is always something new to try for next year. 

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