Easy DIY Chick Brooder

When it comes to animal housing I have three main rules: Safe, sturdy, and easy to clean. Which is why my DIY chick brooder is pretty much the easiest thing you’ll every make for your farm! And, of course, it’s easy to clean. Because let’s get real here {as usual}: Ain’t nobody got time to clean something that takes ten years to get apart, or is too heavy, or is awkward…you get the point. You’re much more likely to clean something if it’s easy, right?!

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Antibiotics, Vaccinations & Grain

Imma just put this out there right now: buckle up. This is a bit of a lecture because I am a little tired of hearing about all of this.

Mmkay. We’re going to discuss some health measures you need to be taking for your animals and what the means about the food you’re getting from them. {This also applies to food you buy in the grocery store. If you have heard some crazy things about Industrial Ag, check out this site for a more accurate picture.}

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Ordering Chicks!

I love when spring time is in the air and my local feed store puts out the order-forms for chicks! I am really excited about what I ordered this year. I always just get a random assortment, I like to keep the hens and egg colors interesting :). I like to buy from my local feed store for a few reasons: the chicks are always guaranteed healthy, they are 80% guaranteed to be sexed correctly, and they have a really wide variety of breeds with no minimum order number. Sometimes hatcheries will need you to order 50 chicks or some other large amount, I don’t need that many!

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Dead Chicken

I try to portray the more beautiful aspects of life in the country. Because really, it’s mostly beautiful. But occasionally, it’s just plain ugly.

Like all the dog poop that just got uncovered since the snow is melting.

And the weeds that will grow out on the backside of the barn.

And the wind that howls and blows so hard the windows rattle.

And how we run out of water when the power goes out because our water holding tank is small.

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Feeding Eggshells to Chickens?!

Have you ever wondered if feeding eggshells to chickens as a calcium supplement is ok? Short answer: Yes. Yes it is! After I see a piece of misinformation a few times, I know it’s time for a post about it. So let’s talk all about calcium {we will abbreviate it Ca from here on out} supplementation in your chickens and what you can feed for it and what you can’t. 

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