Raising Chickens for Eggs

Tis the season for chicken lovers everywhere to resist the urge to purchase just a few more chicks. I am telling you, once you start raising chickens for eggs, it becomes an obsession. You won’t be able to stop! They have quickly become one of my favorite animals on our hobby farm. Along with this season of chicks and chickens comes a lot of questions! So in today’s post, I’m going to try and answer the most common questions you may have. 

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Caring for Animals During Winter

During winter, I get asked frequently about when animals need to be brought inside and what kind of care they need to handle the cold weather. Obviously the answer to those questions depends on the animal, but there are a few rules of thumb you can follow to ensure your animals are comfy even on the coldest days. And as I type those to semi-professional sounding sentences, all I can think of is how I left my dogs outside one morning, in the cold, for longer than usual and the chaos that followed that choice. They both started barking and howling and I was currently dealing with two screaming children and feeling overwhelmed so I did what any saint of a mother would do: I screamed too. 

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Taming Chickens

Let it be known all throughout the land that I am almost the worst at making sure my chickens are friendly. I handle them periodically when they are chicks, but not enough for them to love me and want to be my BFF. I health check them nightly when they are on the roosts and easy to catch…because I’m lazy. But I think they are ok with it, they lay me awesome eggs to cook and bake with and I give them all the food, water, weeds, bugs and proper care they need and desire. Lately though, Andy has been accompanying me to do nightly chores and has taken it upon himself to become buddies with the entire flock. 

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Your Kids are Going to Get Worms.

Today’s topic is brought to you by the letter W and the number 1 million-trillion-bazillion {more on this number choice later}. And today’s topic is…..WORMS! Yum. If you haven’t eaten yet today, go do that and then come back and read this. I’ve spoken with a fair number of people lately who are having all sorts of varied issues with all sorts of varied species – chickens, horses, dogs, goats, etc. – and I have all given them the EXACT same advice for their issue. What? Really? All different species and all different issues? Yes. And all the same advice. Here it is:

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Why Small Farms Should Care About Animal Nutrition

This week, I had another feature article come out on Hobby Farms. It’s about why even hobby farmers with one or two animals should care about animal nutrition. You all should! It’s fun to write for them, but sometimes it’s scary too! Obviously when you publish things online you’re going to get the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve even gotten some of that here. But for the overwhelming majority – you are all AWESOME! Now, I’m not saying we always will agree. I’m just saying that differing points of view are usually handled very well by all parties involved.

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