Creamy Chicken Over Noodles

Creamy chicken over noodles is a childhood recipe I have remade into a quick totally homemade meal. My mother made a version of this growing up using canned cream of chicken soup, similar to Chicken ala King but without the vegetables. Mine is made from scratch and has a slightly different flavor profile. It’s not going to win any beauty pageants, but it is delicious and ready in 20 minutes flat!

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Power Outages and Shush Bee’s

This week was pretty stormy, and subsequently the power went out. It was spotty for about an hour and then went out all together. This happens frequently. But usually 10 power poles aren’t felled by a massive wind storm. YIKES. Thankfully no one was hurt when all those power poles fell! Of course it happened to be the day that I had a totally awesome dinner ready to go and waiting…in the fridge. HA. No power means no oven. Which meant no warming up that dinner. 

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Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

While Andy gets off work at the same time everyday, he rarely gets home at the same time everyday. He sometimes has side work on the way or he runs an errand for me or he stops to help someone {true!}. Because of this variability, I LOVE recipes that can be made ahead and then popped into the oven quickly before dinner. These make ahead mashed potatoes are one of my staples!

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Oven Roasted Asparagus with Lemon and Garlic

Asparagus is one of my favorite spring vegetables and making oven roasted asparagus couldn’t be easier! I know spring is around the corner when asparagus prices drop at my local grocery store. 🙂 The flavor combination of the asparagus, lemon, and garlic is perfect, and makes it the perfect side dish for just about any meal. Annnnd I made a video to show you just how easy it is to put together!

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